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If you live in, or plan on visiting the Pacific Northwest, you're in the heart of Bigfoot territory - assuming that such a creature actually exists, of course, and that's an assumption that is difficult to prove, either positively or negatively.

Although Bigfoot sightings span every state in the US (except Hawaii) and most Canadian provinces, there's a clear concentration of sightings on the west coast, with Washington state having the largest number of all.

Her boyfriend sees the big ape and recruits a pair of goofball con men and they all embark on a mission to rescue their girls from the men in ape suits.Thank you for your interest in helping this site to continue to develop.Some of the information we give you here can save you thousands of dollars the next time you're arranging travel, or will substantially help the quality of your travel experiences in other, non-cash ways.A History of Bigfoot or Sasquatch The generic concept of large mysterious animals that are rarely seen is commonly shared across many cultures and countries, and dates back with varying degrees of vagueness way into history.More formal reporting of these creatures evolved with the advent of better methods of communication, with shared information about sightings seeming to grow a continuing and increasing interest in these mysterious creatures.

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