Intimidating sports colors

“I said to him that every day I put on the uniform I just felt like I was going out to have fun and play.

It’s a business of course, we all know that, and a lot of guys looked at it that way.

The matte helmets work really well and if you look closely, there's not one hidden bear, but two: on the shoulders, and inside the numbers.

The Hawks are peacocking, and that’s a different bird altogether.

Charlotte was happy to get its nickname back from New Orleans when it dumped the Bobcats moniker last season, but this team looked a lot better in Bobcats grey and orange than Hornets purple and teal.

The uniform font has a French Quarter feel, but there’s not much here that makes anyone think of a Pelican, which – admittedly – is a strange nickname for a sports team.

That’s the bird in question on the bottom of the shorts, hiding in plain sight.

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