Is diana taurasi dating ari louis

The past few days have been big moments for Diana Taurasi.The first news came a couple days ago when she addressed she recently married her former teammate Penny Taylor, who is now the Director of Player Development at Phoenix.Taylor, 36, has three Olympic silver medals and three WNBA championships with the Mercury.Taurasi and Taylor have kept their personal relationship private for the most part by choice. "We never kept it secret, we just didn't want that to be an issue ever.

A short time ago, we pondered whether there was a chance that Diana Taurasi’s girlfriend could be teammate Seimone Augustus.

Renowned American Basketball player for the Phoenix Mercury, Diana Taurasi isn't actually a fan of getting media attention.

She always kept her personal life, away from the public.

It's been pretty cool." "I would hope people would be happy for two people that love each other,” Taylor said.

“At the end of the day, it's pretty simple." Taurasi, 34, is a basketball superstar with three WNBA championships and four Olympic gold medals.

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