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Proto-Indo-European nominals include nouns, adjectives and pronouns.Their grammatical forms and meanings have been reconstructed by modern linguists, based on similarities found across all Indo-European languages.It is the only province that criminalises same-sex relations and that uses Islamic law as its legal code in addition to the national criminal code.

Banda Aceh resident Ibrahim Muhayat said far more people attended the publicly meted-out punishment than usual because like him, many wanted to witness Indonesia’s first-ever caning of gay men.

Prejudice has been fanned by stridently antigay comments from politicians and Islamic hard-liners, and a case before the country’s top court is seeking to criminalize gay sex and sex outside marriage.

Religious police in Indonesia caned two men for sex on Tuesday, with hooded men inflicting 82 lashes on each of them as hundreds of people watched the punishment ordered by an Islamic court.

"Lessons carried out with our sharia law are conducted in a very thoughtful way, are educational and do not violate human rights," he said.

Their sentences, which were carried out in the provincial capital Banda Aceh, were reduced by two strokes of the cane due to time already served in detention.

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Jane Maryam is an Indonesian activist who works on gender and sexuality issues.

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